The SWC Board have reviewed the situation in view of the vote last week and are very happy to say that the Small Wind Co-op share offer is continuing.

It’s pretty clear that even in the case of Scottish independence, the Feed-in Tariff will be continued – the SNP have made a specific commitment on this front. And electricity prices certainly don’t seem likely to fall. Current Euro exchange rates might make some turbine parts more expensive but we built in some flexibility in the business model from the beginning.

In fact, we have already received messages from people saying they plan to join the Small Wind Co-op partly because other investment alternatives seem to have just become a whole lot more risky.

Most importantly, we know that decarbonising our electricity supply is way too important to put on hold while the political mess gets sorted out. There are difficult times ahead and we need every wind turbine we can get.

We hope you’ll consider joining us.

We have worked hard to make this the easiest ethical investment you will ever make. Sign up at our Crowdfunder website and you can buy shares or bonds online in just over 2 minutes (we timed it!). The minimum is just £100.

Brexit vote does not affect share offer