Wow, we have reached 75% – well over half a million subscribed for in shares or bonds.

Some shareholders have already contacted us to buy some bonds so they diversify the type of investment they hold. If you have bonds, you might want to consider a small share application – as well as making you a full member with an equal vote, it will give you access to the electricity deal which we have worked out with Co-operative Energy. We think it’s a pretty good offer and stands up very well against other ways of getting green electricity (you definitely know where the energy is coming from because you own the turbines – beat that!)

At the moment we are very actively pursuing the possibility of short-term loans to help us ensure a timely build for the turbines, giving us more time to raise more share capital later. Right now though, our goal remains the £700,000 target which we are closing in on fast. We’re hoping we can bust right through and get a bit further if possible – that will give us the best chance of installing all three turbines with time to spare.

A reminder that we now only sell bonds via the application form in the Share Offer document – and that we have now raised the £5,000 bonds per person limit. There are about 120,000 bonds left and you can apply for any number you like until they are gone.

Closing in on our target