We’re delighted to say that we are on the verge of reaching our £700,000 ‘minimum’ target  – with 5 days left of the share offer we are 99% subscribed. There’s still time to join us though – we’ve got plenty more shares available, and a few more bonds.

So what does reaching the target mean? We’ve now got enough subscribed in shares and bonds to ensure we can build one of our two sites. Of course, we would much rather do both, and we have been busy working out exactly how we can do this. One option is to take up a bridging loan, and we are in detailed discussions with several potential providers. If we do decide that this route is best we will be seeking approval from all our subscribers before spending any of their subscribed funds.

The more we raise in shares and bonds now, though, the less we have to borrow, and the easier it will be to give the green light to both sites as soon as possible.

So please do join us or tell a friend- we’ve got over 220 subscribers to date, people like Neil and Howard who care about the environment and the local communities near the turbines, and want to see their money doing something good.


Help us breeze through our target